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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services

Drones are being sold as a commodity these days and 
anyone can, and they do, sell drones in various forms for various tasks.

So how do you avoid dealing with salemen?
So where do you find a good technician/mechanic that knows how it all goes together?
Someone who can provide the information you need to make more informed purchases.
Someone who can design custom airframes for particular jobs where consumer drones just won't cut it.

Someone who can assist you with good maintenance schedules, and perform repairs.
Someone who can teach you not only how to fly but also how to maintain your own drones,

amongst other drone essentials...
That someone is UAVS!
ASK   ... We are here to answer your questions and provide solutions.
UAVS specialises in Ardupilot solutions, the most versatile and powerful autopilot that is also open source.


 Drone Consultation Services

When investigating if drone use could fulfil your visions of things you want to achieve, who would you trust to ask, the salesman who just sells them or the mechanic who builds and repairs them?
UAVS is here to offer you honest nuts and bolts advice.


Design & Construction

Most solutions can be purchased off the shelf if you know what jobs they can and can't do.
And when they can't, a specific drone can be designed and built for your particular purpose.


Service and Repairs

Whether off the shelf or custom built, if it flies, it crashes, or fails, or...
So where is your nearest, friendliest, drone workshop with its 24hr mechanic.

UAVS at Your Service

Contact UAVS to find out how we can help you equip for the future.


Pre-Built Purpose Drones for Sale

Ag Sprayer

Ag Sprayer - Tethered Octo

For precision spraying in difficult areas.
Designed for spillways and canal edging where close access is dangerous or impossible.
60L ground tank reverse flushable, 100m of high strength nylon tubing, onboard HD camera with video stream to any mobile device for positioning and aiming.
Command and Telemetry and Video is integrated on the same control device.
Battery and charger not included.

Folding Octo

Tarot Folding Octo - Survey

Brand New Build, test flown and tuned.
Bind and fly if you have a Futaba Transmitter or Plug and Play with your own Transmitter/Receiver.
Purchase includes :
1 Day setup, training and familiarisation at UAVS in Bouldercombe.
Gimbal is designed for Sony Alpha series cameras or similar.
Ground Control Software will be installed on your own Laptop for use with an RFD900 data radio provided.
This unit is used for Aerial Mapping, Photogrametry, and similar professional applications.
Batteries and charger not included.
Normally $8450+

Battle Solo

Battle Solo

An Indestrucable frame housing the brains from a 3DR Solo.
The best of both worlds.
We have been building these frames up for the cattle musterers with great success.
But when farmers wanted to do the same, but also wanted high resolution images back to base there was nothing durable enough on the market to do both.
New builds are $1200+

Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing VTOL

Although the QuadPlanes are proving popular, the Tailsitter VTOL has much more promise and fewer parts.
These are constructed only upon request for particular clients.
Designed for long duration covering large areas, and can be configured with different payloads as required.


We are happy to inform, you just have to ask the questions!




Ph: (07) 4934 0553                    

Workshop Hours

By Appointment.

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